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Bridge to Nowhere

Trail: Mangapurua track - Bridge to Nowhere 

Distance: 38km

Grade: 3-4 Intermediate/Advanced. See here for Bike trail grades.

Time: 5-7 Hours + 1 hour Jet boat ride.

Start: Ruatiti rd – Please note unless you are riding back up the trail a Jet boat or canoe to Pipiriki will have to be organised. 

Finish: Bridge to Nowhere and then onto Pipiriki via Jet boat or Canoe.

The Bridge to Nowhere bike trail 

Track info:

Starting from Ruatiti road the trail winds up hill for about 5km, once at the top of the hill you have few kilometres of relatively flat trail riding along a ridge. This will take you to the Mangapurua trig and the highest point of the trail (661m). From this high point you will get fantastic views of the Whanganui national park and The Tongariro national park, this is also where the Kaiwhakauka track meets the Mangapurua track. Spring water and toilets are available at this point, this is also a great spot for refuelling, before the long downhill to the Bridge to Nowhere. All of the hard work is done now and you can enjoy an exciting long downhill passing through battleship bluff and other points of interest, ending up at the Bridge to Nowhere and then down to the Mangapurua landing and the Whanganui river where your Jet boat or Canoe wait for the trip out to Pipiriki. The trail is remote and the only way out are via the river using a jet boat operator or ride back up to Ruatiti.

Our personal favourite is the Jet boat.

Maori Pouwhenua or Pou at the highest point of the Bridge to Nowhere bike trail Battleship bluff on the Bridge to Nowhere bike trail Jet boat rid out from the Bridge to Nowhere track

Track tips:

This Trail is best enjoyed in dry conditions, but if you ride the trail during wet conditions take a toothbrush to clean the drive train of your bike. Mud will cling to your chain, cassette and derailleur making gear changes difficult. Squirt some water on scrub for a minute or two, rinse then continue on your ride. On a real wet day we would do this maybe two to three times a small price to pay for an awesome trail. 

Important Information:

Mangapurua and Kaiwhakauka tracks are in a very remote area. There is no mobile reception on the trail, except for a very limited amount at the Mangapurura Trig, this the highest point of the trail see map for location.

Essential equipment:

Bike tool, pump, spare tube/puncture kit, tyre levers, chain quick link, food, water, toothbrush (see Track tips above) small first aid kit and suitable clothing.

Bike Rental:

All TCB Bike rentals for the Bridge to Nowhere trail will be supplied with the following. Bike tool, pump, spare tube/puncture kit, tyre levers and a chain quick link. If you have your own bike we can rent you the necessary equipment for the trail.

We have full suspension and front suspension bikes for rental please check availability click here or call the shop on 06 385 8433  

Full suspension bike rental for bridge to nowhere

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Front suspension bike rental for bridge to nowhere

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Mangapurua - Bridge to Nowhere - 38km Grade 3-4 Intermediate/Advanced. A great ride down to the Bridge to Nowhere.

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